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TAVA Co., Ltd. (TAVA Co., Ltd) whose main product is 100% organic bamboo straws is a socially responsible company, producing and supplying safe bamboo straws from nature and products. environmentally friendly products for businesses and individuals around the world. Since our inception, our purpose has been to support, educate and inspire individuals and businesses to turn to sustainable and reusable alternatives to reduce their impact on the environment. destroy the plastic pollution that is causing on our planet.

Ethics is a short word that represents the values that our company always strives for, which is why we monitor how all aspects of our manufacturing and supply chain operations are monitored. , to raw materials in Vietnam to develop ethical relationships with the artisans and the farms we work with.

Our highly durable bamboo straws and earth-friendly products are not only beautiful, but also morally grown and handcrafted with pride. Plastic waste is a major global epidemic that threatens to change our world forever. We as citizens of that world need to act now.

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