TAVA Culture
We create unique products with unique stories, we work with small farms who value the same values ​​in sustainable production as we do. We believe in transparency and honesty and we care deeply about empowering the local communities we work with.

We believe that businesses should be responsible for ensuring that their products and services are ethically produced. That is why we choose the practical approach to product sourcing. When we design and create sustainable products, we take the time to visit the farm or factory first, monitor the operations of the workshops and ensure that everything is created transparently, while minimizing waste.

We travel to every corner of the world to meet the people we want to work with. For us, sustainable production is an important part of environmentally friendly pieces; and developing close relationships and friendships is indispensable to our business ideals.

The values ​​we are always aiming for
We are proud to challenge modern production techniques, focusing too much on profit at the expense of our people and our living environment. The value we strive for in ecological sustainability is not just about how products can be made cheaply. Instead, it is important that our bamboo straws are responsibly harvested. Modern best practice to limit waste throughout the production process and help local communities in rural areas.

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