TAVA  is proud to be one of the few sustainable and virtually no waste supplier of eco friendly straws & utensils around the world. We offer a great replacement for disposable plastic waste to corporate, institutional and individual customers. We work closely with  farms to produce almost all types of environmentally friendly straws including bamboo, coffee, coconut & natural wheat straws and durable, disposable products. with worldwide shipping service.

join the growing list of retailers, cafes, bars, festivals, weddings, events, and become part of a movement towards a No plastic waste in the future. TAVA Co products are a sustainable alternative to plastic and win people’s attention.

As an ethical supplier, we understand the importance of working with partners who share our core values. That’s why we are involved the entire production process, up to the raw material source in Vietnam. You can rest assured that your straws are safe, ethical, non-toxic and 100% organic.

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024 6666 2016

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