When meeting the bamboo farmers in our quest to find the best supplier, we had a few specific goals in mind. First, we want to find the best bamboo, 100% organic and absolutely no chemicals in the whole production process. The bamboo we use is naturally harvested, using no toxic fertilizers or pesticides. Therefore, bamboo planting does not create any harmful substances for groundwater.

Another important thing is that we have found passionate and dedicated people to work and create a special relationship that reflects our vision. We value teamwork and feel proud of what we do. We want ethics to be the main driving force behind everyday actions, from the supply chain onwards.


We really like bamboo! Bamboo not only looks beautiful but also feels great, and it is also very durable, fully biodegradable and can be harvested in at least 3-5 years. Bamboo releases more than 30% oxygen into the atmosphere and absorbs more CO2 when compared to other plants. TAVA Natural Bamboo Straws help reduce the use of plastic and disposable items so much that sadly today. And plastic is one of the major causes of the decline of wildlife and ocean habitat around the world.


Vietnam has a tropical climate with high temperature and humidity, which is very convenient for bamboo cultivation. Our farm is located 250km south of Hanoi, near the picturesque Ninh Binh town, deep in the dense forests of Thanh Hoa and Nghe An provinces. That’s where our journey began, and it was here that a lasting friendship was formed. We feel honored to call our colleagues friends. Bamboo not only dominates in the beautiful landscape of Vietnam, but we also think that its strong tough characteristics and resilience represent the personality of the Vietnamese people.

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