Protect the environment with bamboo straws and environmentally friendly items


If you still think that protecting the environment is a macro job, then perhaps the simple actions below will make you change your mind. We can completely protect the environment through changing the habit of using products from difficult to decompose plastic products every day.

  1. Use cloth bags

Recently, canvas bags are increasingly popular with young people not only for their convenience but also for their personality and style. Canvas bags become a simple yet lovely accessory.

What can a cloth bag hold? Everything. Fold a cloth bag in, and wherever you go, buy whatever you want in it without using plastic bags – things that take a hundred years to decompose. Just clean it and you can use a cloth bag over and over until it is torn.


  1. Use fabric straps

Straps can be considered an interesting variation of cloth bags this summer. This simple but contributing action to environmental protection has even become a trend among many young people. Just like a cloth bag, the fabric strap can be reused many times and is also extremely compact to carry around.

You can use this “divine” strap to hold coffee, milk tea, orange juice, smoothies … in general, all kinds of glasses of water when taken away. This strap is extremely convenient to hold, even hanging in the car, on the wall.


  1. Use bamboo straws and environmentally friendly items

The bamboo straw can be reused many times and is manufactured completely naturally. Only about 10-15k for a bamboo straw, you can contribute to environmental protection and health protection. In addition to products from bamboo such as straws, brushes, pens, coconut products such as coconut spoon, coconut ladle bowl are also many friends.

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